Maintenance Agreements on all our Equipment is offered



T.K.O Engineering offer Maintenance Agreements which ensures that the machinery is running at its optimal capacity at all times.


A Service facility is offered whereby each unit can be thoroughly checked, On a regular basis, by our technicians on a weekly / monthly bases. A Tag System, developed by T.K.O Engineering, is used on our machines that have maintenance contracts, this system submits an email to the client notifying them what maintenance was performed on the machine during our weekly / monthly maintenance run, as well as maintenance completion sheets, signed and date stamped by the engineer or engineering management on duty at the various shafts.



We have a real time Go-Belt Sample Monitoring System available. T.K.O Engineering has developed software for the Go-Belt Sampler® notifying the client when the Sampler has been isolated or any faulty inputs from the Samplers functionality.



A Comprehensive range of spares is readily available upon request.

Critical Spares are required to be pre-ordered and kept at various shafts in order to have critical spares at hand for the Go-Belt Sampler®. if/when serious break-down occurs, this will assist maintenance crew with keeping the sampler in operation with minimal down town.






Prolongs Life of Sampler

Maintains Accurate Head grade

Reduces Downtime